In the course of solving your issue, the product support team may supply you with a patch to test and give feedback on.

More often than not, this patch will be in the form of a new fusionreactor.jar file.  This file will contain a build of the software with potential fixes for your problem.

Installing a new FusionReactor jar

  1. Stop your JEE container.
    This is essential to ensure the running instance doesn't get confused about which version it's running.
  2. Find the old fusionreactor.jar
    This is usually found in your <instance> folder.  For an instance called myinstance, this is probably 
  3. Move this jar some place safe, in case you need it.
    For instance, your desktop. It could be the case that the new patch we supplied didn't fix the issue, or had some other adverse effect.  You can use this backup to roll back to the previous version.
  4. Copy the supplied fusionreactor.jar into the instance folder.
    This ensures the JEE container sees the new version when it starts up again.  Make sure the jar is named fusionreactor.jar.
  5. Delete fr-management.jar and everything under <instance>\osgi\env\runtimefw
    These files contain the hooks to install FusionReactor into your JEE container, and FusionReactor's runtime environment.  They should be deleted to ensure new copies are installed.
  6. Start your JEE container.
  7. Check the version in the FusionReactor > About page.
    When you received the patch, you should also have been told what version to expect.  If the version does not correspond to what you expect, ensure you've copied the right jar into place, and the file and folders in point 5 have been deleted.
  8. Check to see if the patch solves your problem.
    We appreciate detailed feedback about how the patch performs:  whether the problem was actually solved, and any other effects you might observe.

Updating a Patched Version
The version reported by the patch may be the next version to be released.  In this case, even though the patch reports as the next version, it may contain only your specific fix.  You should in all cases update to the next version when it's released.

The team here very much appreciates your time and effort in checking patches for us.  

Installation environments for FusionReactor can be very diverse, and often it's difficult for us to replicate a given environment.  In these cases, you're helping us considerably by trying out a patch;  so thanks from us, for helping to make FusionReactor a better product!