Each instance of FusionReactor has an  ODL (on-demand licensing) configuration file. This file stores the licensing configuration when you perform an activation or a ping.

It is possible that if the application server running FusionReactor does not exit cleanly this file can become corrupt.

If this happens you will see the following in your application server log file:

ERROR FusionReactor FW: The system cannot start because the license service (fusionreactor-odl-bundle) is not available.

To fix this issue you are required to restart your server, please follow the steps below:

1. Stop your Application server

2. Navigate to the configuration directory of FusionReactor - {FusionReactor directory}/instance/{instance name}/cmconfig/com/intergral/fusionreactor/plugin/internal

3. Remove the file ODLComponent.config

4. Restart your ColdFusion server