Within FusionReactor you can view metrics for heap and non-heap usage plus garbage collection from the resources menu.

Within the resources menu, you have graphs for:

  • Heap and Non-Heap memory usage
  • Memory space usage
  • Garbage Collection time, frequency and freed memory

For each of your transaction menus (requests, JDBC, transactions) you will have access to the transactions by memory history list. This list will show the top 100 requests based on the memory usage of each request.

If you have cases such as:

  1. You have a JDBC request having to process through a large result set
  2. You have a large file being sent in a POST request and this must be stored by the JVM
  3. You have a large variable generated in the runtime of your application

The ultimate edition of FusionReactor gives you access to the Memory Profiler, with this tool you can inspect objects Heap and also generate snapshots. You can find more information on the Memory Profiler at https://docs.fusion-reactor.com/Memory/Overview/