The Daily Report is normally sent automatically only once the Email Settings for the FusionReactor instance are configured.

To check the email settings:

  1. Login to FusionReactor as the Administrator
  2. Open FusionReactor (top left corner) > Settings
  3. Select Email Settings
  4. Enter the Email server details. It is very important that you enter Mail Server and any User and Passwords that may be required. Please note that in the "To Address" field no spaces are allowed. Multiple Email addresses can be added using commas between them.
  5. Save the Settings
  6. After Saving the setting press the "Send Test Email"
  7. Check that the test email is received

If the email report still does not arrive then the DailyReportPlugin.config may have become corrupt during an unclean shutdown of the application server.

The DailyReportPlugin.config file is located : 


This file should contain a line"com/intergral/fusionreactor/plugin/reports/internal/data/DataStore"

and more some more information.

If this does not contain a line then the server should be stopped and this file should be deleted.

When deleting the file:

  1. Stop the Application Server (ColdFusion, Tomcat, Lucee, etc...)
  2. Navigate to your instance Directory located at {fusionreactordir}/instance/{instancename}
  3. Remove the file located at /cmconfig/com/intergral/fusionreactor/plugin/reports/internal/data/DataStore.config
  4. Start the Application Server