FusionReactor is a HYBRID monitoring solution – which means it is available as an on-premise and a SaaS (Cloud) solution. FusionReactor On-Premise has a web based interface which runs locally.   The On-Premise version is ALWAYS available when you purchase FusionReactor.

Both solutions can be run on your local server or cloud servers (private or public).   If you're using our SaaS solution, FusionReactor will send metrics up to the cloud.   FR SaaS displays the same metrics as you can see on FR On-Premise, but it also includes some additional features, such as additional alerting, traces and access to historical information (up to 90 days in the case of FR Ultimate Cloud).

FusionReactor comes in THREE different production ready EDITIONS as well as a Developer Edition (which is based on FR Ultimate).

DescriptionDelivery Platform
FusionReactor Ultimate comes with all the features of Enterprise as well as the low-level profiling tools, production debugger and automatic error detection
SaaS and On-Premise
ENTERPRISEFusionReactor Enterprise is more suited to multi-server environments. It gives you all the benefits of the Standard edition, plus the Enterprise Dashboard. The Enterprise edition is suited to environments where you would like to see the ‘health’ of all of your servers from a single window and when you require more advanced Protection features, such as Enterprise Scripting.
SaaS and On-Premise
STANDARDFusionReactor Standard is suited for single server environments and gives you all the basic monitoring functionality as well as our unique Crash Protection capability.
DEVELOPERBased on the ULTIMATE Edition, but may only be used on Test or Non-Customer facing staging envionmentsOn-Premise