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What is included in FusionReactor Ultimate?
What is included in FusionReactor Ultimate?

What is included in FusionReactor Ultimate

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FusionReactor Ultimate includes a number of developer-focused features to help you to isolate problems faster and instantly identify performance problems.

Ultimate Edition includes everything in Enterprise Edition plus

  • Production Debugger – Instantly isolate code/quality errors in your production environment and debug using the built in IDE style debugger - low overhead & safe for production use

  • Event Snapshot – Automatically identify application issues. Whenever a problem occurs, FusionReactor's snapshot will highlight the reason, together with decompiled source code, scope variables, stack trace and logging information

  • Code Profiler – Identify code performance issues when running in production - see CPU method execution time, so you can quickly identify performance bottlenecks

  • Memory Profiler – Isolate memory leaks and excessive object creation - compare different point in time, from a memory perspective

  • Thread Profiler – Detect thread contention, dead-locks and show thread state

For a full list of ultimate features see

With FusionReactor Ultimate Cloud you have offering flexible alerting, 90 days of data retention and a host of other features,

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