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Having trouble installing FRAM
Having trouble installing FRAM

Troubleshooting the FRAM installer

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When installing the FusionReactor administration manager (FRAM) you are installing the FusionReactor service onto your server.

This gives you access to the instance manager where you can install instances onto your application servers such as ColdFusion, Lucee or Tomcat.

Things to look out for when installing FRAM

  1. When installing FRAM, ensure you download the correct installer for your operating system.

  2. Run the installer as a server administrator to ensure it has sufficient permissions

  3. Ensure that the HTTP port FRAM will bind to (8087) is not already in use or chance the port used by FRAM if it is

  4. When specifying the user to run FRAM as, ensure this server can read and write to the directories of your application servers

  5. If you are running the console installation (no GUI), ensure that if you are running Linux the libfontconfig package is installed.

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