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Having Trouble activating FusionReactor
Having Trouble activating FusionReactor

Troubleshooting FusionReactor activation

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When activating FusionReactor your instance will dial home to our licensing server to ensure that the key is valid.

If for some reason the license key is not valid, the reason for this will be highlighted in red.

Based on the red field, you can typically indicate the issue:

Expiry - Your license has expired. You will need to renew your license so it is active again.

Out of maintenance - Your maintenance data does not allow you to run this version of FusionReactor. This message will also include the latest version you are entitled to. You will need to renew your maintenance to run this version.

Seats - You are currently using all remaining seats on your license, so are unable to activate this new server. You will need to either deactivate one of your current servers or purchase an additional server seat.

If any error occurs during the licensing request, the corresponding error will be displayed on the about page.

Errors include:

Connection Exception - You are unable to connect to our licensing server. You can either manually activate or allow your server to connect to the licensing server.

Permission Denied - The user running your application server cannot write to disk to store the license key inputted to FusionReactor, this must be corrected on the server.

Note: This only applies to newer versions of FusionReactor, FusionReactor 7 or older will not have this information.

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