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How to manage FusionReactor on-premise licenses
How to manage FusionReactor on-premise licenses

How to manage on-premise licenses for FusionReactor

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FusionReactor licenses can be managed in the FusionReactor Portal.

In the portal you can :

  • See details of all Active, Expired and Disabled licenses which are associated to your account.

  • See details of which servers/instances have FusionReactor registered i.e. where FR is active

  • Manage Users associated with your account

  • Download FusionReactor JAR and the Debugger Native Library files of the latest released version

  • Manually Activate a FusionReactor license, which is necessary when your server is locked down and you do not have outbound internet access in order to automatically activate your license key

If you wish to upgrade an existing license or purchase additional seats on an existing licenses you must contact sales. If you would like to purchase a new FusionReactor on-premise license, then you can do that here.

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