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Adding Seats (Cloud)
Adding Seats (Cloud)

How to increase your FusionReactor Cloud seat-count.

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FusionReactor SaaS (Cloud) licenses:

FusionReactor SaaS offers greater flexibility as the license can be changed easily and also works "on-demand". To change your reserved seat count navigate to your account plan page.

From this screen, you will be able to add any additional reservations (upgrades) that you'd require, these additions take effect immediately. Furthermore, if you already have an annual reservation, then this will also be refreshed for a further 12 months from the point that you made the change.


If you see the following message - "This account is manually billed" - please contact if you wish to change your plan.


If you use more monitoring than you have reserved then the additional time used will be charged on-demand at the current hourly rate. You can find more information on Cloud Billing here.

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