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Tax exemption - what to do when processing an order via ShareIT (MyCommerce)
Tax exemption - what to do when processing an order via ShareIT (MyCommerce)

If your organization is tax exempt, then see the following article for how to handle this

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  1. For customers from the US, MyCommerce charges sales tax by default (unless your state has no sales tax at all or exempts tax for electronic products). In case of a tax exemption, place the order as per usual and contact the sales team afterward with your order number.
    The FusionReactor Sales team, will contact MyCommerce’s support team with your tax-exemption certificate and request a tax refund.For customers from the EU, please insert your VAT ID when placing the order and your order will be exempted from tax.For customers outside of the US and EU, you will be charged a Sales tax by default.

  2. When you have put in your login information, all the address fields are populated as per your account information. For security reasons, you need to input the credit card information manually.

  3. After you have placed an order, you will see a green box on the top of the page with the order number. The order confirmation is sent to your email address with the order number

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