ShareIT is the accounting system used to manage credit card purchases for FusionReactor on-premise licenses.

  1. Initially, you will need to access the account portal/login screen. This can be found via the main webpage (
    Clicking on the Support tab at the top of the page will bring you to a Shopper Support option. After clicking on that, the subsequent page will display the Customer Self-Service Login option. If you cannot remember your login details, there is a request login option in this section. This is the area where you can reset your password.

  2. Once you access your online account (known as MyAccount), a highlighted Manage subscription option is available in the middle of the page. Clicking on this tab will display the Change payment information for future renewals option.

  3. In the Change payment information for future renewals section, you will see the last four digits of the current credit card being used. This is where you can enter new card data (if needed) and click the Save Data button at the bottom to update those changes.

    The other option for customer account access is through the initial order confirmation email that your will have received upon purchase. The account link is available in that email as well.

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