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Updating ShareIT account information
Updating ShareIT account information

This explains how to login to your ShareIT billing account, so you can change your information details (such as credit card details)

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1. Go to:
2. Select your preferred language.
3. Log in with your user ID and password (do not use the Order Number and Password option if you are looking to update any of your information). If you do not know your user ID or password, this can be retrieved at
4. To update your information on an existing subscription, please refer to the ‘Active Subscriptions’ tab and click on the ‘Reference number’ for the subscription you would like to edit. You will then click on the “Change payment information for future renewals” to update your subscription details.
5. To update your MyAccount Master Data for new orders, please click on your name near the top of the page and you will then be presented with the details you can edit. Note: to update your information for existing subscriptions, please refer to step 4 above.

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