The profiler in FusionReactor will capture the executed lines of Java code as it runs.

From this output, you can often interpret the CFML code running from within the stack.

Depending on the CFML engine you will see different outputs within the profiler itself.

You should configure the debugger sources to ensure that we can map a class to the true CFM or CFC file.

In Adobe ColdFusion servers, each CFML function is compiled to its own class, so you will see an output similar to:


With this output, you can identify which particular function is being called and further down the tree what actions it called, for example, a JDBC request or other CFM file.

In Lucee servers, the CFM or CFC is split into chunks based on its file size. You will see an output similar to:


In Lucee it is not possible to identify the function being called, only the CFM or CFC file executing.

Not also that the file location will be from the web root, not the specific disk path.

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