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What can you do with FusionReactor APM
What can you do with FusionReactor APM

FusionReactor is an Application Performance Monitor - here is a quick overview of what you can use it for

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FusionReactor APM provides you with real-time observability metrics, combined with application, system and database performance data. Using FusionReactor you can quickly investigate and pinpoint issues and performance bottlenecks.

Our goal is to help developers, support and DevOps teams and enable them to identify and understand application issues and performance problems, before these affect your end customers. FusionReactor’s low-level insight approach will cut to the chase and deliver the answers you need in the format that you understand.

FusionReactor is a Java agent and can be used to monitor Java and ColdFusion to deliver current and historical information about web transactions, memory & CPU usage, database query performance, code – memory and thread profiling, garbage collection data and automated error detection plus much more.

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